XL Recordings


XL Recordings

Global launch of the new Adele album


XL Recordings wanted to launch the new Adele single with a bang. They were looking for an innovative way to get people talking and gain maximum awareness of the single release, generating pre-orders for the long awaited album. The idea was to use broadcast as the main channel but amplify this activity through the resultant PR and Social Media activity.


RP2 planned and booked a 30 second spot in prime ad breaks in 25 different countries around the world. The spot had no reference to the artist, just Adele’s voice singing the first part of the new single. This was followed up three days later with another spot revealing the name of the new album at the end of the spot.


The campaign amassed an unprecedented amount of coverage across all forms of media including both traditional and social platforms. In the UK alone, 50,000 downloads of the single per day during the first week, drove the single to number one. On a global basis within the first month the single had been viewed 308 million times on YouTube.   

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